We are currently operating with part-time and relief Veterinarians so our hours can fluctuate week by week until we find a full time Veterinarian. We are appointment only except for monthly walk-in vaccine events that will be advertised on our Facebook.

Our clinic prices are low-cost and our services are available to everyone. 

Our vision with Big Lake Community Clinic is to offer our community affordable vet care and accessible animal education because all pets deserve to live happy healthy lives.

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New slots open weekly for online sign up or you can give us a call.

We are not a 24/7 service or an emergency hospital, if this is an emergency, call Grand Rapids Animal Emergency Hospital at 616-361-9911

If you are a client needing a quick response outside of normal hours, you can send us a Facebook message or Email: BigLakecac@gmail.com

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General Service Prices 

Ear cytology
Heartworm test
Nail trim
Parvo test
Anal glands
There is a $40 no-show fee if we do not have a 48 hour notice that will need to be paid before another can be scheduled.

**Vaccine prices do not include the cost of the exam**

Canine VaccinationsFeline Care
Rabies 1 year: $25FELV Booster: $35
Rabies 3 years: $30FVRCP combo: $30
Bordetella: $20Rabies 1 year: $25
Lyme: $33Rabies 3 year: $30
Influenza: $26Catego (one month): $15

Spay and Neuter Pricing

Canines (Include take home pain medication and recovery cone)Cost
Over 100lbs$200
Felines (Include pain medication injection)
Male $80
Cryptorchid males require an additional $40 charge.

Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm treatment is expensive, the average clinic charges $1,500-$2,000 for treatment. We do our best to offer this service at a low-cost but understand that the medications needed for this treatment are expensive and it will take up to a year to conclude treatment and receive negative results. While prevention is always your best choice, if your pet does have heartworm, we recommend doing research and gaining a full understanding of this very serious diagnosis. 

We do not currently have the ability to x-ray your pet prior to treatment, this is recommended before starting treatment so we can refer you to other clinics to have this done or you can sign a waiver acknowledging the risks of treatment without an x-ray.

Euthanasia Services

Our euthanasia services are available to everyone; however, if you are not a patient with recent exam history, a euthanasia consult appointment with our veterinarian is required before a euthanasia can be scheduled. We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia requests for animals who are medically and behaviorally sound.  

Clinic Euthanasia PricesCommunal Cremation PricingSemi-private Cremation PricingPrivate Cremation Pricing
Under 25 lbs.
Under 25 lbs. 
Under 25 lbs. 
Under 25 lbs.
25-50 lbs.
26-74 lbs.
26-74 lbs.
26-74 lbs.
Over 50 lbs.
75-124 lbs.
75-124 lbs.
75-124 lbs.

We use Noah Pet Cremation Services, so these prices can fluctuate as it is an outside service. This is an additional option and not required. You may take your pet home with you to bury.  

We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and Care Credit. Payment plans are available with a 50% down payment.

Low Income Verification

While our clinic is available to everyone, to further our mission, we offer an additional 25% discount on vaccines, preventatives, and in-house medications to qualified low-income clients. In order to receive this discount, please request a low-income verification form. Please note that qualification is renewed annually.

Low income qualification is based on the client being within 200% of the 2022 Federal Poverty Level

We will accept the following forms of income verification:

  • Two (2) paycheck stubs dated within the last month for each wage earner
  • Social Security
  • Supplemental security
  • Pension
  • Retirement
  • Survivors benefits
  • Disability
  • Unemployment
  • W2s or tax documentation for the last calendar year (valid only if all income is taxable/reported)
Household Size200% of 2022 Michigan Poverty Level
Per additional personAdd $9,440