Some cats who end up at our shelter cannot adapt to indoor living for various reasons. They may be feral (i.e., born and raised in the wild), under-socialized and prefer little to no human contact, or friendly but never lived indoors and prefer the outdoor life. Whatever the reason, we still believe these cats deserve a happy life and can be placed with families who value them as much as we do.

Why adopt a barn cat?

Adopting a barn cat can be a mutually beneficial relationship—you will be saving the life of a healthy cat and they can help scare off small, pesky rodents! To people who qualify, barn cat adoption is FREE.

Barn cats are:

  • Spayed/neutered.
  • Up to date on vaccinations.

How to adopt a barn cat

You will need to provide:

  • Safe, permanent shelter with an area of weather-proof covering.
  • Continuous fresh food and water.
  • Veterinary care when needed.
  • Acclimation time.

To ensure the cats acclimate and do not run away, they must be kept in a large homing crate in their new environment for a minimum of three weeks. After their acclimation period, they should be given free range of their new home.