We are always looking to grow our partnerships with local businesses, brands, companies, groups etc. Connect with us today to begin a valuable and lasting partnership with us. We are a 501(c)3 and depend greatly on our local community and sponsors/partnerships to continue our mission.

We love to work with businesses that align with our mission to promote one another, offering discounts/perks for adopters and drive traffic to whatever your business or work may entail!

We love being creative with our partnerships but here are some general ways we could partner:

  • Host a donation jar or bin at your business – We can schedule regular pick up at your location or make you a special donation drop spot for a set time. 
  • Host an adoption event at your business – $250 donation required
  • Host a company work day – Coordinate a company work day where your staff can come volunteer as a group in our shelter. These work days are often clean up and beautification of our walking trails or other outdoor projects. 
  • Purchase Round-Up – Set an amount of time where customers can round their purchases up to the nearest dollar with proceeds supporting our organization. 
  • Percent of sales (shop for a cause) – Communicate that specific dollars or percentage of your sales for a set period of time (or permanently) will be given to our organization. 
  • Project Sponsorship – Your business can always sponsor one of large project wish list items like new kennels, epoxy floors, medical equipment, and more, just reach out and let us know an area that you are passionate about supporting. 
  • Workplace Giving – According to surveys, 86% of employees expect opportunities to become involved in charitable activities such as workplace giving. Employees who don’t take advantage of these programs say they don’t give because the causes they care about aren’t offered as a choice. Productivity increases by up to 13% when people are able to support the causes they care about. Support our work for animals through your workplace giving program!
  • Kennel and Adoption Sponsorships – We always have kennel sponsorships and naming opportunities available for your business to get its name on something meaningful in the shelter. You can find a lot of these in our donate tab or you can reach out if you want to do something not listed. 
  • Food Pantry Sponsorship – Our pet food pantry is growing its impact and reach. In 2023 we will be expanding partnerships to supply pet food at local food pantries as well as host pick up days in our shelter. Every month of 2023 is an opportunity to sponsor the pantry operations with a $500 gift. In return, the month you choose to sponsor, your business will be highlighted on social media, stickers with your business logo will be placed on every food bag given and we will visit your business with an adoptable pet! 
  • Event Sponsorship – We have a variety of fundraiser events throughout the year that event sponsorships help make possible. By sponsoring events, it helps underwrite the costs of events so that all the funds raised can go directly to our mission. When you sponsor an event, there are unique recognition opportunities depending on the scale of the event and your sponsorship level. Reach out to us and we can send you our next event sponsorship opportunity.  
  • Matching Gifts – Whether you choose to match your employees gift or pledge a matching gift for community support, your impact is DOUBLED and your support makes others join you. 
  • Direct Donations – A direct donation is the most simple way for both small and large companies to get involved supporting our mission. Any company donation over $5,000 earns social media and print recognition in our next newsletter. We like to cater these recognitions to you and highlight a bit about who you are and why you chose to support us in such a monumental way so please include your contact information (email or phone number) so we can reach out.   

Gifts may be made online or checks can be mailed to:

Big Lake Humane Society
2640 Marquette Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49442

Want to partner with us?