We know how hard it is for rescues to keep up medically with the high animal intake of your facilities. We are working to reserve one full day a week for rescue pets to be spayed and neutered; or have special surgeries, exams and/or vaccinations—whatever YOU need. 

We would love to partner and help you save more lives! 

If you would like to partner with us for services, please give us an estimate (a rough estimate is fine) of your monthly need for services so we can plan accordingly as we prepare.  

We understand that your needs change daily, but this estimate will help us gauge the need in local rescues and how we can best prepare to meet those needs. 

Please fill out the application on the right (to the best of your ability) and email it to BigLakeCAC@gmail.com.

We will then be in touch and share our full service price list for rescues.